Resolution No. 23-6643
Resolution No. 23-6642-A
July 5, 2023
Resolution No. 23-6644
July 5, 2023


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Last Updated: 05-07-2023 15:09

Resolution No. 23-6643 (A Resolution Concurring Ordinance No. 001 S. 2023 of Barangay Lanote ISabela City An Ordinance Regulating the Use of the LAnote Barangay Covered Court Prescribing the Fees and Other ).pdf

A Resolution Concurring Ordinance No. 001, S. 2023, of Barangay Lanote, Isabela City, An Ordinance Regulating the Use of the Lanote Barangay Covered Court, Prescribing the Fees, and other purposes