Resolution No. 23-6597
Resolution No. 23-6596
March 31, 2023
Resolution No. 23-6598
March 31, 2023


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Last Updated: 31-03-2023 10:46

Resolution No. 23-6597 (A Resolution Granting Authority to her Honor Mayor Sittio Djalia T. Hataman to Purchase One (1) unit Motorcycle in the Amount of One Hundred Thousand (P100000.00) pesos to be Util).pdf

A Resolution Granting Authority to her Honor, Mayor Sittio Djalia T. Hataman, to Purchase One (1) unit Motorcycle, in the amount of One Hundred Thousand (P100,000.00) pesos, to be Utilized by the Philippine Drug Enforcerment Agency (PDEA), this City