Resolution No. 21-6318
Resolution No. 21-6317
November 16, 2021
Resolution No. 21-6319
November 16, 2021


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Resolution No. 21-6318 (1st Endorsement dated November 9 2021 of the Majority Floor to the Secretary to the Sangunian this City re-proposed resolution od Councilor Maria Jesessa S Tubongbanua granting D).pdf

1st Endorsement dated November 9, 2021, of the Majority Floor to the Secretary to the Sangunian, this City, re-proposed resolution of Councilor Maria Jesessa S, Tubongbanua, granting Development permit to Monte Vista Subdivision Project/LGU-Isabela City, located at Lanote Barangay, Isabela City, Provice of Basilan, as per recommendation of the City Planning and Development Office, this City, was presented to the Body, for discussion and consideration