Resolution No. 21-6283
Resolution No. 21-6282
August 17, 2021
Resolution No. 21-6284
August 17, 2021


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Last Updated: 17-08-2021 15:01

Resolution No 21-6283 (A Resolution Respectfully Requesting Mr Albert Porticos Business Permit and Licensing Officer PLTCOL Junpicar Paner Sitin Isabela City Cheif of Police the Personnel of Department)1.pdf

A Resolution Respectfully Requesting Mr. Albert Porticos, Business Permit and Licensing Officer, PLTCOL. Junpicar Paner Sitin, Isabela City Cheif of Police, the Personnel of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region-IX Field Office, this City, to Conduct Random Inspection on Various Business Establishments within the Territorial Jurisdiction of the City of Isabela, in Order to Seize or Confiscate all Cigarettes/Tobacco Products