Resolution No. 20-6166
Resolution No. 20-6165
July 22, 2021
Resolution No. 20-6167
July 22, 2021


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Last Updated: 22-07-2021 15:04

RESOLUTION N0 20-6166.pdf

A Resolution Concurring the Annual General Fund Budget of Barangays Seaside, Kaumpurnah Z-3, and Calvario, this City, for Calendar Year 2021, in the Amount of One Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand Twenty Six (P1,740,026.00) Pesos, Three Million Five Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Two Hundred Forty Six (P3,594,246.00) Pesos, Three Million Two Hundred Thirty One Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Four P3,231,834.00 Pesos Respectively