Resolution No. 20-6059
Resolution No. 20-6058
July 16, 2021
Resolution No. 20-6060
July 21, 2021


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Last Updated: 16-07-2021 16:38

RESOLUTION N0 20-6059 (A Resolution Granting Auhtority to her Honor the Mayor SITTI DJALIA T. HATAMAN to enter int a Memorandum of Agreement by and between the City Government og Isabela and the Departmen).pdf

A Resolution Granting Authority to her Honor, the Mayor, SITTI DJALIA T. HATAMAN, to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement, by and between the City Government of Isabela and the Department of Social Welfare and Development, for the Implementation of Various Social Benefit Programs and Distribution of Relief Assistance, During the State of Public Health Emergency