LGU-Isabela City, TESDA IX holds Organic Farming Training
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November 7, 2023
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November 10, 2023

A transformative 5-day training on organic farming for local farmers was launched by the City Government of Isabela under the leadership of Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman through its City Agriculture Office and Gender and Development (GAD) Unit, November 06 at Joveth’s Isabela.

City Agriculturist Ma. Gina Alberto welcomed the guests and participants and stated that the training was initiated to bring together farmers from various barangays in the city to delve into sustainable agricultural practices. Meanwhile, City Information Officer and concurrent GAD Focal Mendry-Ann Lim shared that the program is one of the key initiatives of Mayor Turabin-Hataman, in response to the training needs of the farmers identified during the previously held provincial wide Agriculture Summit and called for an organization of a women’s farmers association.
The training which aims to empower local farmers with knowledge and skills essential for adopting organic farming methods comprised of a one-day orientation and four-day skills demonstration. Participants engaged in interactive sessions covering topics such as preservation of natural soil components, land fertilizer, natural pest management, formulation and use of organic concoctions and extracts, and community-based training competencies. Expert facilitator Senior TESDA Specialist Ibrahim Asamuddin of TESDA-IX Training Center, delivered insights on the benefits of organic farming, emphasizing its positive impact on both environmental conservation and human health. The event which was participated by 20 men and women fostered a sense of community and collaboration among farmers, creating a platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices. This training is expected to contribute significant impacts to the promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices throughout Isabela City. (Words by J. Rojas, GAD/Photos by AN Jamaluddin, CIO)