First Isabela City Coffee Month puts Spotlight on Local Brewers and ‘KAPESABELA’
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October 23, 2023
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October 24, 2023

In celebration of the first ever Isabela de Basilan Coffee Month, the City Government of Isabela led by Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman through its City Agriculture Office, organized, October 20, the Kapesabela Brewer Competition at Plaza Rizal. This event aimed to highlight and celebrate the local coffee culture in the city and to shine a spotlight at efforts to revitalize the local coffee industry.

In the Kapesabela Brewer Competition, participants were tasked with creating various coffee styles, including hot Americano, iced coffee, and coffee-based frappes, all within strict time limits. Their 16-ounce coffee creations were judged based on factors such as sweetness, body, acidity, balance, and aftertaste.

At the culmination of the tilt, Anna Mae Tisoy demonstrated her exceptional skills and emerged as the champion, earning a well-deserved prize of P20,000. Mansur Angeles secured second place, receiving a reward of P15,000, and Ru-Ayne Mustafa claimed the third-place position, earning P10,000.

The judges for the Kapesabela Brewer Competition included agri-entrepreneurs Jocelyn Ayop-Mamar and John Margot Mamar from John and Marga Nursery Farm, 4JM’s Business Management Services CEO Jise Mamar, PCBI chair Chit Juan, Sulu Royal Coffee founder Kumala Elardo, PCBI MIS Officer Yasser Elardo, and content editor Goldweene Quetulio. In addition, Vice Mayor Jhul Kifli Salliman and Councilor Alha-Zim Akbar also played roles in the judging panel.

The competition was conceived with the aim of advancing coffee cultivation and ensuring the sustainability of coffee production in Isabela City. Notably, Isabela City’s coffee, particularly the Menzi Excelsa variety, has been acknowledged as one of the finest coffee variety in the Philippines. (Words by SJ Asakil/Photos by AN Jamaluddin and M. Santos, CIO)