Empowering Isabela City’s Civil Society Orgs
Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation Protocol
July 26, 2023
GAD Unit Meets Women CSOs
July 26, 2023
In response to the growing need for community-driven initiatives and inclusive governance, the City Government of Isabela, in partnership with the Department of Interior and Local Government IX, undertook a comprehensive Capacity Development Program for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Local Special Bodies on July 24-26, at Joveth’s Isabela.
The program aimed to enhance the capabilities of these organizations, promote active participation, and foster collaboration among stakeholders to address local challenges effectively. This highlights the key components and impact of the program in empowering the civil society sector in Isabela City.
Its implementation was a collaborative effort among the local government, non-governmental organizations, and development partners. During the activity, different representatives of the different organizations exchanged their substantial insights for the prospective programs and initiatives that will surely contribute greatly to the success of the event and future project implementation.
The Capacity Development Program was spearheaded and facilitated by different estimable speakers, namely DMO Febie Marquez, CDO May Anne Pelenio and CDO Jasten Dwight Desierto from DILG IX, Area Manager-AADC Joeffrey Gomisong, and CLGOO Pilar V. Gudio from DILG Isabela City FOU.
In his remarks, Vice Mayor Jhul Kifli Salliman vowed to support the participating organizations in their legislative and technical assistance. He also emphasized the importance of the CSOs in the implementation of the plans and programs of the local government.
The Capacity Development Program for Civil Society Organizations in Local Special Bodies has proven to be a transformative initiative in the City Government of Isabela by strengthening the capabilities of CSOs and promoting collaboration, the program has fostered a more inclusive and participatory approach to community development. With empowered CSO leaders and thriving partnerships, Isabela City is poised for sustainable growth and positive change in the years to come. (Words by K. Lim/Photos by M. Santos, CIO)