Crafting of Human Resource Management and Development Plan
Isabela City Welcomes Leading Expert on Philippine Women’s Studies
July 11, 2023
Turn-over of the Newly Repaired Stilt Houses
July 13, 2023
The City Human Resource Management Office organized a 3-day Training Workshop on the Crafting of Human Resource Management and Development Plan, which began at the SP Session Hall on July 11.
During the workshop, a notable highlight was a discussion facilitated by Marby Tabungar, Founder and Lead Consultant of Prevo, focusing on HRMDP Coaching and Mentoring. This session offered participants insightful guidance and strategies related to coaching and mentoring in the context of human resource management and development planning.
Present during the event were City Administrator Pedrito Eisma, CPDC Engr. Gay Palagtiosa, SP Secretary Rodela Nuñal and staff, representatives from the Office of the City Mayor, City Engineering Office, City Budget Office, City General Service Office, and City Health Office. (Words by SJ Asakil/Photos by KJ Evardo, CIO)