Celebrating the Joy of Reading: Sakayan-Kaalaman Lift Readers in Busay Elementary School
Karera ng mga SAKAYAN, Kapanapanabik
July 10, 2023
LGU-Isabela City Welcomes ANGAT BAYI for Benchmarking Activity on Gender and Development
July 10, 2023
The City Government of Isabela under the administration of Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman, held its first-ever graduation ceremony of the joint Sakayan-Kaalaman Reading Project and Project ReAD-Hi at Barangay Busay Covered Court, showcasing the collaborative efforts of the City Information Office and Busay Elementary School.
During the event, Barangay Busay Kawagad/SPTA President Melany Duque expressed her gratitude to the individuals responsible for the program’s success, and her remarks were followed by a brief message from Busay Elementary School Head Maricel Dagoy.
Mayor Turabin-Hataman expressed her appreciation to those who contributed to the program’s success, emphasizing the importance of teaching children to read, and warmly welcomed the participants from Angat Bayi, highlighting the dedication of her colleagues and the City Information Officer in making the initiative a reality.
The participants from Angat Bayi, along with Councilor Karel Annjaiza Sakkalahul, had the privilege of witnessing the graduation of the school-based beneficiaries of the Isabela City Mobile Library.
During the event, Reading Coordinator Girlie Espinosa, Busay E/S School Head Maricel Dagoy, and Department of Education Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Julieto Fernandez, represented by Curriculum and Instruction Division Chief Henry Tura, presented and confirmed the 98 beneficiaries, after which Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman led the awarding of certificates to the graduates and the recognition of the Mayor Dadah Excellence in Reading Award.
The event also paid tribute to the volunteer reading partners and the Barangay Information Officers, who selflessly dedicated their time and efforts throughout the joint project. Following this, the President of the Youth Space Mentoring Program delivered a brief response, representing the volunteer reading partners. The program then proceeded to acknowledge the sponsors who played a vital role in the initiative’s success, including the 54th SAC SAF-PNP, BLGU-Busay, BFP-Isabela City Fire Station, Busay Elementary School, City General Services Office, City Persons with Disabilities Office, City Population Management and Development Office, IFI Inc., Local Youth Development Office, NFI, PCG-Isabela City Station, PNP-ICPS, Tau Gamma Phi Triskelion de Basilan, UECI, and Youth Space Monitoring Program.
Tau Gamma Phi Triskelion de Basilan Governor-General Alexes Ututalum, Busay Barangay Chair Kerbey Buenbrazo, and Basilan District I Board Member Amin Hataman were in attendance at the event, where they encouraged the participants to study diligently, comprehend their readings, expressed their satisfaction with the program’s outcomes, and were presented with certificates of appreciation.
In her closing remark, the City Information Officer Mendry-Ann Lim highlighted the unwavering dedication of the team, expressing their tireless efforts driven by their passion, and emphasized the transformative power of synergy and collaboration, as evidenced by the growth of the once reserved children who now possess not only skills but also enhanced social abilities, affirming their belief in the youth as the nation’s future.
Also present were 54TH SAC PNP-SAF Commanding Officer PCAPT Christopher Amboni, PCG-Isabela City Commander CG ENS Arturo Alamani Jr., PNP-ICPS OIC Chief of Police, PLTCOL Parson Asadil. (Words by SJ Asakil/Photos by M. Santos, CIO)