Angat Bayi Women Political Empowerment Fellowship
DILG IX Conducts SGLG Regional Assessment in Isabela City
June 2, 2023
First Basilan Education Summit, Held; Mayor Dadah Represents Isabela City
June 7, 2023

Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman received word on June 1 from Councilor Karel Sakkalahul, Chair of the Committee on Women, Children, and Family Affairs, that she had been chosen as one of the Fellow of the Angat Bayi Empowerment Fellowship (AB PEF) Program, which will run from May to October 2023.

During the visit, Councilor Kasey Lean Suela from the Municipality of Lantawan, as well as Youth Development Officer Nurhana Osamad, who is also a Fellow of the AB PEF Program, were present.

The selection of Fellows was based on their record of advocacy for women’s rights, gender equality, world peace, and human rights. For an intense and exclusive set of online and in-person seminars, the program chose 15 female leaders from BARMM and other regions. (Words by SJ Asakil/Photos by M. Santos, CIO)