Ramadhan 2023 Musabaqah Culmination and 5 Pillars of Islam Game Show Awarding
Calvario Peak NHS Nabs Quizabela 3.0 Championship
April 28, 2023
SAKAYAN Boat-making Contest
May 2, 2023

The City Government of Isabela under the administration of Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin-Hataman through the City Local Madrasah Development Office in partnership with Isabela City Madrasah Association (ICMA) held the Ramadhan 2023 Musabaqah Culmination and 5 Pillars of Islam Game Show Awarding, April 29 at SP Session Hall.

An invocation was given by Ust. Jul Asri Balangking, juror during the Ramadhan 2023 Musabaqah, and was followed by an opening statement from ICMA president Ust. Jaujohn Jaafar. Following a brief message from Ust. Ibrahim Abdurajak, Mudzmar Jaljalis, a student from BLISS Educational Center presented the Hifzul Qur’an, and Argimar Patla, from Ma’had Mubarakat Al-Islamie, recited the Qiraatal Qur’an.

The competition proper was held at the BDRC, Barangay Sumagdang and was joined by participants coming from the city’s madrasahs.

The contestants from the different participating madaris of the city during this year’s Musabaqah Competition and 5 Pillars of Islam Game Show received plaques from Mayor Turabin-Hataman and was assisted by Dr. Nujum Datu Indal, head of the City Local Madaris Development Office and City Information Officer Mendry-Ann Lim.

Also awarded during the event were the judges and coaches of the various Islamic contests as well as the Ustadzes who participated in the Daily Virtual Naseehat in the recently concluded Ramadhan.

Mayor Turabin-Hataman enthusiastically thanked all of the participating teachers, parents, and murids for consistently guiding the children at the awards ceremony. She also said that while everyone present was blessed, knowledge of one’s faith comes with responsibility. She encouraged the young madrasah students to pursue Islamic knowledge so they may be able to share the beauty of Islam and how it addresses most of society’s ills. (Words by SJ Asakil/Photos by KJ Evardo, CIO)