Turnover of Poultry to Isabela City OFW Federation
Turnover of CCTV to BJMP
February 13, 2023
Ocular Site Visit
February 13, 2023
The Isabela City Government, through the City Veterinary and Agriculture Office, handed over 50 heads of free-range chicken on February 10 at Isabela City Hall.
The turnover is part of the city’s dispersal program to the Isabela City Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Federation. The chickens will be used as breeding stock, and the chicks will be distributed to the Federation’s 25 member associations, with a target population of 1,000 chickens raised by the federation by 2026.
Prior to the release of the chicken, the beneficiaries attended a two-day basic free range chicken raising seminar hosted by the City Veterinary Office. This program is a component of the city government’s food security initiative. (Words by S.J. Asakil/Photos by M. Santos, CIO)