First COA Entrance Conference Audit in BASULTA Held in Isabela City
SOGIE and the Law Training
February 1, 2023
Regional Civil Registration Planning Conference
February 6, 2023

The Audit Group of Commission on Audit – BARMM Regional Office conducted an Entrance Conference Audit for Calendar Year 2022 with the officials of the City Government of Isabela, Tuesday, January 31 at Basilan Business Hotel, this city. This activity is strongly supported by Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman as this is in line with her top priority agenda of providing a transparent, participatory, effective and efficient local government for the Isabeleños where government resources are ensured to be properly and effeciently managed and utilized by accountable city officials.

The entrance conference aims to lay down what is expected from the management in regard to various accounts and operations within the covered audit period. It also serves as an avenue for the management and the audit team to provide information and updates on the procedural requirements to ensure that government funds are judiciously spent, consistent with existing laws.

In her opening remarks, State Auditor Nona Imlan, CPA, welcomed everyone to the entrance conference and expressed her gratitude to Isabela City as the very first to conduct COA entrance conference audit in BASULTA.

Audit Team Leader Charlotte Tugal, CPA, presented the objectives and scope of the audit as well as the important concerns relative to the audit of the accounts and operations and the city’s financial management performance and the terms of engagement. Meanwhile, Quazhar-Azeez Pandi, a member of the audit team, spoke about the COA Updates and the PYAR Implementation Status.

The conference was attended by COA Supervising Auditor Nona Imlan, CPA, Audit Team Member Quazhar-Azeez Pandi, CPA and Engr. Adrian Timbang, CPA and LGU-Isabela City executives.