CADAC 2nd Quarter Meeting
HAPISABELA Mobile Library
June 30, 2022
Office of the City Agriculturist-Isabela City
July 4, 2022
Isabela City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) chaired by Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman, presided by PLT COL Junpikar P Sitin, COP, PNP-ICPS serving as vice chair convened for its second quarter meeting, June 30 at Sakayan Conference Room for reports and updates on the following:
A.) Situation of the City on the Fight Against Illegal Drugs by PLT COL Junpikar P Sitin, COP, PNP-ICPS
-16 drug operations conducted and 22 drug personalities arrested on drug related Accomplishment for 2nd Quarter 2022
-1,408 total number of drug surrenderees and 287 total number of drug surrenderees completed RWP/CBRP as of June 30, 2022 (since the implementation of CBRP/RWP) on Inventory of Recovery and Wellness Program (RWP)/Community-Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) Graduates.
B.) Updates on the Status of Anti-Illegal Drug Operation and Barangay Drug Clearing Program by Jury G Rocamora, CO, PDEA Isabela City/Chair, CADCOM
-12 Drug-Cleared Barangays in Barangay Drug-Clearing Program (BDCP)
C.) Updates on the implementation of Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program and General Intervention by Dr. Sulaiman D. Tahsin, DDAPTP Medical Coordinator
-6 out of 11 Barangays were already assessed in Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program and General Intervention
D.) Updates on the activities implemented under the LADPA 2022 by Joel L. Zanoria, City Administrator/ADAC FP
-The implementation of various rehabilitation and wellness program for PWUDS: Assessment, Profiling and Drug Testing and Financial Accomplishment Report
E.) Result of the ADAC Functionality Regional Assessment by Arnel O. Alvarez of DILG
– ADAC CY 2019 and 2020 Results
Per DILG – National Reporting Result
Per Region for CYs 2019 and 2020,
ADAC Functionality System (FMS)
Isabela City:
2019 – 80% (Moderate Functionality/Progressive)
2020 – 80% (Moderate Functionality/Progressive)
2021 – 90% (High Functionality/Ideal)
This is now subject for national calibration by the Philippine Anti-Drug Strategy – Project Management Office (PADS-PMO)