December 28, 2021
5th Isabela City Inter- Madrasah Musabaqah
January 6, 2022
Isabela City Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman together with Deputy Speaker Mujiv S. Hataman handed over 3,000 corrugated galvanized iron (GI) sheets, and other construction materials (paints, brushes, thinners, etc.) to help in the speedy reconstruction of at least 150 houses for families affected by the recent fire in Isabela City. A household will receive at least 20 corrugated GI sheets each.
Beneficiaries were owners of totally damaged houses comprised of 92 households in Port Area and 49 households in Kaumpurnah Zone 1. While remaining materials were distributed to partially damaged houses. Barangay officials of Port Area and Kaumpurnah Zone 1 were on hand to receive the building materials in behalf of their affected constituents.
Earlier, fire victims received immediate assistance from the City Government, thru the CDRRMO and CSWDO just hours after fire out on December 15. This was followed by the distribution of ₱5,000 cash assistance the next day from Deputy Speaker Mujiv Hataman. The next few days witnessed relief efforts by various local and national organizations and offices for the fire victims.