Turn-Over Ceremony
November 8, 2021
November 9, 2021
The Local Government Unit of Isabela de Basilan under the inclusive leadership of City Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin Hataman through the Isabela City Tourism Office joined in the Ceremonial Turn-Over of the Historic Gabaldon Building held this morning at the Isabela Central Elementary Pilot School.
The ceremonial turn-over was led by Isabela de Basilan Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Julieto H. Fernandez, Mr. Josiah Tuballa, Principal of Isabela Central Elementary Pilot School, and City Tourism Officer Claudio M. Ramos II, representing the LGU – Isabela de Basilan. Other guests in the event were Commander Christopher Amboni of the 54th Special Action Company, Public District Supervisor – West District Ms. Rachel Oliveros and Hon. Barangay Chairperson Lilibeth Fojas of Doña Ramona Barangay.
City Tourism Claudio M. Ramos II emphasized the importance of the Gabaldon Building and how it connects Isabela de Basilan to the whole educational landscape of the country. Moreover, he pushed for teachers to really explain and highlight the key features which make these Gabaldon Buildings a living testament of the rich history and sharp ingenuity of Philippine architecture. Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Julieto H. Fernandez extended his thanks to everyone for the support in realizing the project. He also manifested his gratitude to the support of the Local Government Unit of Isabela de Basilan especially to Mayor Turabin-Hataman to all the programs of the division. ICEPS Principal Josiah Tuballa led the excitement of the whole ICEPS faculty and staff on this historic turn-over being one of the only two schools in Isabela de Basilan which is home to Gabaldon Buildings. Two Gabaldon Buildings can be seen in ICEPS (one is for renovation) and One Gabaldon Building is located in Basilan National High School.
But what is a Gabaldon Building?
In 1909, an assemblyman named Isauro Gabaldon from Nueva Ecija authored Act 1914 known as the Gabaldon Act on School Buildings.
The Gabaldons were built by the American colonial government with American architect, William E. Parsons tasked to standardise a design and prepare the blueprints for public schools across the country.
Gabaldon buildings as per Philippine Historians are modern architectural types which drew roots from the elements of Bahay Kubo and Bahay na Bato common in the early American Colonial Period. The buildings also exhibits large windows and high ceilings for lighting purposes. Another special features are the old callado or tracery panels and ventanillas (window railings) or transom windows which create a permeable walls that allow cross ventilation and relieve humidity. These were also designed to achieve natural lighting inside the rooms.
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has signed Republic Act No. 11194 which is an act mandating the Conservation of Gabaldon School Buildings Nationwide. This act was approved last January 18, 2019.
The Isabela City Central Pilot School houses several Gabaldon and Heritage buildings. The Gabaldon Building which was turned over today was built last 1938 and has witnessed the many triumphs which produced outstanding Isabeleños and Basileños in the history of the Island Province of Basilan. Truly, a pilot institution in the tradition of high quality education and excellence on this side of the country.
Basilan National High School is also one of the schools in Isabela City which has Gabaldon Buildings standing mighty and proud even up to these days.