Tourism Consultation Meeting
September 30, 2021
September 30, 2021
Early today, the Local Government Unit of Isabela de Basilan led by Isabela City Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin Hataman through the Office of the Isabela City Tourism gathered key members of the various Tourism organizations of Isabela de Basilan which included the Marang Marang Women’s Association, the Sadlufun Bangkero Association, the Sta. Barbara Malamawi Women’s Association and the HAPIsabela Tour Guide Association.
The consultation meeting which was facilitated by City Tourism Officer Claudio M. Ramos II provided a platform to list down the unique features of each organizations while at the same time highlighted the challenges in their services for the tourism sector. Moreover, a SWOT Analysis activity led to the formulation of tangible steps to address challenges and threats of each of the organization and how all these affect the whole tourism endeavor of the City of Isabela de Basilan.
City Tourism Officer Ramos emphasized that the output of this meeting is aimed to have a holistic approach for the crafting of the Tourism Development Plan of the City. The Tourism Development Plan comes vital in the quest for sustainable tourism and inclusive economic growth for everyone.
We would like to extend our thanks to the various tourism organizations and their key presidents:
Bangkero Association – Mr. Maomar Halilulla and members
Sadlufun Bangkero Association – Mr. Alphad Margani and members
HAPIsabela Tour Guide Association – Mr. Gabriel Caro and members
Marang Marang Women’s Association – Ms. Myra Abbas and members
Sta. Barbara Women’s Asscoaition – Ms. Leonarda Pantaleon
This consultative meeting is still part of the World Tourism Month Celebration 2021 this month of September.