Second Day of HAPIsabela Street food Tourism Kulinarya Workshop
Basic Life Support Training
September 1, 2021
Second Day of the Basic Life Support Training
September 2, 2021
Mangan ne!!!
Kaon Ta!!!
Come kita!!!
The Second Day of the HAPIsabela Streetfood Tourism Kulinarya Workshop celebrated the colorful food offerings of our Streetfood Vendors of the James Walter Strong Boulevard at the Port Area Barangay. This Workshop is brought to you by the Local Government Unit of Isabela de Basilan led by Isabela City Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman through the Isabela City Tourism Office in partnership and support of the Department of Tourism – Zamboanga Peninsula.
The streetfood vendors were divided into groups and were asked to prepare a food showcase as a final requirement of the Kulinarya training. The groups demonstrated how the food were prepared ensuring the application of the learnings they got from the two – day workshop.
Chef Richie Pobletin also provided necessary and actual directions and suggestions to make their food offerings more appealing to the eyes of buyers and customers again, giving emphasis to sanitation and cleanliness.
City Councilor Hon. Karel Sakkalahul, Chairperson – Committee on Tourism and Beautification joined the event and became one of the judges of the groups’ activities. In her message, she emphasized the importance of the training and thanked our partners from the Department of Tourism – Zamboanga Peninsula.
Each of the participants received an apron and hairnet after the workshop.