Isabela City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office on COVID-19 Update.
Isabela City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, COVID-19 Update.
January 11, 2021
January 12, 2021
HAPISABELA!!! 👋😁 For LSIs/RRs/ROFs who wish to avail of Home Quarantine privileges upon arrival, please follow these 4 steps listed below:
▪️STEP 1:
If you wish to opt for HOME QUARANTINE, you must first coordinate with your Barangay Chairperson and secure a BARANGAY ACKNOWLEDGMENT LETTER FOR HOME QUARANTINE.
▪️STEP 2:
Proceed to City Health Office anytime during working days: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. (Send a representative at least 3 days before arrival to make arrangements ahead of time.)
1. Immunocompromised patient or patient with special needs (to be determined by RHP and CHO)
2. Senior Citizens
3. High risk pregnant women (to be assessed by RHP/CHO)
4. Mother with suckling infant
5. Minors 2 years and below
6. Those coming from low risk areas based on IATF/RIATF List
7. ROFs with negative RTPCR swab results of not more than 5 days from the time of release of results
8. Returning Residents (RRs) or LSIs with negative swab results (taken at Zamboanga City) not more than 2 days from the time of release of results
▪️STEP 3:
If you fall under any of the 8 Criteria listed above, a CHO Nurse will be assigned to inspect the home/residence where the LSI/ROF will be quarantined. Approval will likewise depend on compliance to a second set of criteria imposed by CHO.
1. No vulnerable person (minors, senior citizens, immunocompromised patients, etc.) are present or residing at proposed home quarantine area
2. Must have own CR at the room.
3. Accessible to BHERT and other monitoring teams.
▪️STEP 4:
If Home Quarantine is approved, arriving LSI/ROF will still go thru the same protocols for entry and arrival imposed by the Basilan Bawal Covid Task Force. The LSI/ROF will still be transported to HBRF Begang for triage and assessment, and then afterwards escorted to the approved residence where they can now start their 14 day Home Quarantine.
For inquiries please call our COVID19 HOTLINE ☎️09977788881.
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