Mayor Dadah meets with hospital administrators, medical directors and head nurses of Isabela City
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May 11, 2020 – Isabela City Mayor Sitti Djalia Turabin Hataman meets with the hospital administrators, medical directors and head nurses of Isabela City including the City Health Office and CDRRMO to review protocols on handling suspected cases of Covid-19; to assess the readiness of local hospitals in handling possible Covid-19 patients; and to share their experiences and issues encountered in handling Covid-19 suspect cases so far.

During the meeting, Mayor Dadah Hataman shared that the City must be ready to accept the influx of people wanting to go back to the city. As of now, the DepEd Isabela has already identified 3 schools to serve as Quarantine Facilities for the people entering the city under the BalikBayani program.

All persons entering the city must undergo assessment and triage by the City Health Office. The proposed protocol to be followed will depend on the area of their origin and health condition of the BalikBayani or returning resident of Isabela City:

(1) Those coming from Low Risk Areas and asymptomatic will undergo home quarantine;

(2) Those coming from Medium / High Risk Areas and asymptomatic will undergo quarantine at Dormitory / Quarantine Facility; and

(3) Those coming from Low / Medium / High Risk Areas but symptomatic will undergo quarantine at the Ligtas COVID-19 Facility.

On the other hand, issues identified include the lack of private hospital personnel trained in swabbing of suspected cases of CoVID-19. The Mayor has already instructed CHO and RESU to conduct additional training for nurses and med-tech on swabbing of suspected cases.

Moreover, another issue tackled was the delay of transport of our referred patients at Zamboanga City due to unavailabilty of ambulance to transport suspected Basilan patients from Zambo port to the ZCMC. Mayor Dadah instructed CDRRMO and requested BGH to coordinate with ZCMC and look into the possibility of assigning 1 vehicle stationed at Zamboanga City port that will immediately receive our patients for transport to ZCMC.

LGU Isabela City has also instructed the City to be prepared in terms of procurement of additional needed facilities such as the procurement of X-ray machines, body bags, identification of city-owned lot at Maligue to serve as public cemetery for possible COVID-19 confirmed deaths.

As of May 11, 2020, Isabela City remains Zero-confirmed case with Zero Probable case and 16 Suspected cases.