1. To exercise fiscal restraints on the disbursement of public funds and to account for all collections and expenditures.
2. To intensify tax collection and to readily provide recommendatory measures to update the necessary taxing ordinances.
3. To provide fair compensation to the officials and employees that will in effect motivate them to be responsible, effective and efficient in their response to the general welfare of organization and to the public in general.
4. To adopt programs, project and policies for the economic development of the city.
5. To provide the infrastructure and atmosphere needed for effective, efficient and honest local government; provide and maintain needed infrastructure projects.
6. To institute police reforms and extend assistance to the police force to make the local police more efficient and effective in the maintenance of peace and order.
7. To maintain and health and social services.
8. To coordinate with the national agencies in the economic development of the city, peace and order and the delivery of basic services.
9. To look for additional sources of revenue and improve tax collection.
10. To process and issues business permits and licenses and other related permits to prospective applicants with utmost proficiency.
11. To market Isabeleños product to local, national and foreign market.