June 8, 2022
June 14, 2022
The City Government MANCOM chaired by Mayor Sitti Djalia A. Turabin-Hataman convened afternoon of June 07 at the Sakayan Conference Room, for the discussion of the following agenda:
1. GAD Projects and Programs Implementation
– Presentation of GPB 2021 Accomplishment Report
-To Utilize 100% of GAD Budget for 2022
2. Activities for Independence Day Celebration
3. SGLG Updates
-Tackled the last SGLG assessment and to improve the other different areas for the future SGLG assessment
4. Budget Utilization per Office and Special Appropriation
-Presentation of Statement of Appropriations, Allowances, Obligations and Balances (SAAOB) of every offices from January to May 2022.
5. Other Matters
– Submission of 1st Quarter Accomplishment Report for 2022.
-About CSC Reviews and Examinations.
-Mayor Dadah encouraged all the departments to come up or create new innovative projects on how to improve services for Isabeleños and to practice good management inside the offices, deadline of submission of the innovative concept is on July 10, 2022